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How To Save Money On A Personal Tour Guide

Ever been inspired by a travel blog only to fail miserably to find that amazing pub or restaurant you were so keen to visit? Or perhaps you’ve highlighted your chosen destination, drinking hotspots and mouth-watering food destinations on a map only to discover you can’t find that tiny little alley or courtyard where it is supposed to be located. Frustrating hey? What you need is a personal tour guide and I have just the solution.

Download your personal tour guide for Toronto
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I’m super excited to be partnering with GPSmyCity, an app which brings you thousands of travel articles written by travel writers and other bloggers just like me. That’s not all though, apart from inspiring travel stories, packed with tons of travel tips for destinations around the world, you can also follow in the steps of travellers you most admire.

Never again will you miss out on the best margaritas in town, the coolest drinking spots or that amazing steak you were craving. With the help of your personal tour guide, including offline maps and GPS navigation, you can take self-guided walking tours of over 700 cities worldwide. Say goodbye to cookie cutter bus and group tours and visit the best attractions on your own. Travel at your own pace, and at a fraction of the cost that you would pay for a guided tour.

To get started, here’s a round up of some of the hot features GPSmyCity offers:

Hot features

  • A whopping 5,000 tours to choose from!
  • Detailed offline city maps for over 700 of the most amazing cities worldwide
  • The ability to bookmark locations on the map so you don’t miss out on the best beer in town
  • Itineraries clearly displayed on a map with step by step directions from one sight to another
  • Lost? No worries. The “FindMe” feature displays your exact location and tracks you as you move so you will soon realise if you have taken a wrong turn
  • All tours operate offline so no expensive data plan or roaming is required
  • DIY your own tour of wacky wonders if you prefer
  • Burn some calories as you roam a city on foot. Rather than passively admiring it from a bus, immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of hidden streets, markets and social areas

How it works

1. Download

Download GPSmyCity

Start by downloading the app from the iTunes store by clicking on the link below. You will need to pay £3.99 to benefit from GPS functionality but let’s face it, that is an absolute bargain compared to paying for endless tour guides in multiple cities. What’s more you won’t be subjected to lengthy history lessons that bore you to death. Not unless that’s your bag anyway in which case you can search for guides with an historical slant. GPSmyCity is truly the tour guide that does EXACTLY what you want.

You can select from over 5,500 walks in 700 plus cities. It’s highly probable therefore that you will find that brewery tour or history lover’s guide that you seek.

2. Research

Use the search function to find your chosen city. It will return a ton of options for you to choose from. Simply select one of interest and take a look. If it looks like what you need, then save it offline. Here is an example for San Francisco.

Search for your chosen city


3. Put it to the test

Yay you’ve arrived in the city and now want to put it to the test. Simply open your app, find the tour you want to take and off you go. Use the map to help navigate to all those amazing places you want to visit. Here’s an example showing my Seattle for Less itinerary.

GPSmyCity offline map

4. Let us know your thoughts

Pop back and let me know what you think, good or bad I’d love to know.

Some examples

Here’s some posts of mine which are featured but don’t forget to check out the tons of other awesome bloggers and travel writers showcased on the app.

Dubai like a sheikh on a budget 

How to save money on your Washington DC vacation

How to visit la Paz on a budget 

How to visit San Francisco for less

How to legally avoid bankruptcy in Sydney

Things that make me happy

One of the things I really like about GPSmyCity is that you can access it both via the app and website. One pet peeve of mine with apps is a lack of website. I am forced to squint over that tiny screen when I could be viewing stuff on a bigger, brighter screen. You can do some research on your laptop and then just switch to the app once you know that you would like to download a specific article.

Being able to track my location on screen in relation to what I am trying to find is also super useful for when I have lost all sense of direction and think I am losing my mind.

Any negatives?

Some of the articles can be quite large so it may be prudent to delete them after use so as not to suffocate your device. Also for the same reason, downloads can take some time so be sure to plan in advance and download the guides you are interested in beforehand.

Get your free article

Sign up for FREE and you can download one of the following three articles for FREE. Take your pick from “Be Seduced by Mumbai on a Weekend Visit,” “The Ultimate Guide to Having Fun in Seattle on a Budget,” or “How to Visit San Francisco for Less.” Each includes access to offline maps entirely FREE. This offer only applies for downloads between Monday 16th January and Sunday 22nd January and throughout this period, users will be able to upgrade the app for FREE. Now that really is one way to travel the globe for less.

Seduced by Mumbai at the Gateway to India

Crowdfunding option

GPSmyCity are currently seeking investors and if you want to participate in the crowdfunding option, you can also grab yourself the Lifetime full version with access to the self-guided walking tours and GPS powered travel articles for the bargain price of $60. This is a saving of over $5,000 on content valued at well over $6,000.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app and check it out for yourself.

About Anne

Anne is the founder and editor of TravelTheGlobe4Less. If she isn't travelling, she is thinking of travelling or planning her next trip. She has visited over 80 countries on six continents and sampled everything from backpacking to bank bursting travel. Her mission is to help you enjoy more luxurious travel without the luxury price tag through the use of airline and hotel rewards and other money saving travel tips

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  1. Amazing post, Anne! These tips are just great and very helpful!

  2. Seems like a perfect solution for a tourist or a traveler in a new city. And the fact that your articles pop up at the right time for someone makes the whole experience so much richer. Got to check it up.

  3. I’ve heard of this app, but have never given it a go. I’m definitely going to have to try it out. It sounds like an amazing tool for exploring a city on your own.

  4. Nice to read. Some of our blogs have been converted to App form by GPSmyCity. It is a lovely app indeed.

  5. This looks interesting. I love walking tours but not every city has a good professional one available. So it would be nice to have more options with GPSMyCity. And I like how you can find themed tours available as well. I always enjoy food tours!

  6. I’ve never heard of this app, but it sounds like a great tool! I had one of those “can’t find that back alley” moments when I was in KL and I missed a bar I was looking for two nights in a row, no locals knew what I was talking about! Haha! Finally, the third night, I found it, but it sounds like I just need to give this app a shot! Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes we managed to find a little reggae bar in KL a long time ago and without the help of the app. Life is so much simpler these days!

  7. I have heard about this before but I have not tried it. Sounds like a great idea though and you post is made me want to try it out for sure.

  8. I’ve heard about this app and it sounds like a great idea! I see that maps can be downloaded to use offline, but I was wondering if the articles work offline as well?

  9. I’ve never taken a walking tour and not sure I would actually like it but this option sounds so much better to me. A self-guided tour at my leisure and pace (without getting lost) is something I would definitely try!

  10. I have been seeing so many people talk about GPSmycity lately that I have to actually try it out! It seems to be perfect for any type of traveler and a great way to save money if you want a guide around a destination! The Find Me feature also sounds incredibly helpful! It’s amazing how many new tools are available via technology for travelers!

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