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How to Fall In Love And Earn More AVIOS For Your Honeymoon

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Calling all singletons! Are you searching for your soulmate or a companion to keep loneliness at bay? Maybe you have trawled the bars, checked out the gym, secretly eyed up work colleagues or fervently hoped that a special someone would catch your eye. If all that has failed, don’t despair as there is a way for you to find a match made in heaven and earn more AVIOS at the same time.

Earn Avios with Match Affinity

Match Affinity is an online dating agency which you can now access through the online dating review. Anyone who goes ahead and signs up for a twelve-month subscription can earn 5,000 AVIOS. Subscriptions of three and six months will also earn more AVIOS but at a reduced rate.

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Earn your AVIOS

I am happily married and unfamiliar with dating sites so I found searching the Match Affinity site pretty frustrating. It is not particularly easy to find prices without signing up which I find disingenuous. Why make someone provide their personal details on the basis that they can see who has viewed them for free? To actually make contact with your favourite hottie, you need a subscription and it seems ridiculous that you have to go through all this process just to find out the prices.

There isn’t even an easy way to contact them to find out prices as every attempt directs you to the FAQ. You cannot contact them until you sign up. Isn’t this just making it more difficult (and thus unlikely) that someone will sign up? After all, there are plenty of competitors but maybe they are equally non-customer friendly.

Match Affinity costs

I did get a response from my query raised via the Match Affinity Facebook page but the response made no sense. I am therefore relying on prices from an online dating review site. They indicate that the prices are as follows so you can decide for yourself before going through this convoluted rigmarole:

  1. £154.80 (£12.90 per month) for a 12-month membership
  2. £119.40 (£19.90 per month) for a 6-month membership
  3. £89.70 (£29.90 per month) for a 3-month membership

How Match Affinity works

Potential lovebirds complete a psychometric questionnaire designed to capture personality traits and preferences. These are then used to match you with people you might like. After that, you will receive a list of suitable candidates (akin to your Amazon wish list) and then you start chatting to whoever takes your fancy.

Sign up to earn AVIOS

If you are happy with those prices, ignore my rant about how non-user friendly the site is and go ahead and sign up. You could meet the ‘one’ and be walking off into the sunset before long. To ensure you earn the AVIOS, be sure to sign into the BA store first and then navigate to Match Affinity from there.

Couple watching the sunset
Courtesy of PIxabay

If that doesn’t quite work out, at least you will have an additional 5,000 AVIOS to put towards a trip away somewhere with your besties. All is not lost but be warned I suspect Match Affinity’s customer service might be somewhat lacking.

Have you had any experience of this site, or bagged the bonus AVIOS?

If so, I would love to hear your thoughts on the experience.

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  1. I’d never heard of AVIOS before, the psychometric questionnaire sounds interesting, I wonder what their success rate is for long-term matches? Gonna check them out, thanks

  2. Gian and I have never tried online dating. With the advance technology that we have now, it is a cool, convenient way for singles out there to look for potential partners. Well, others might work and some might not, but it won’t hurt to give Match Affinity a try.

  3. I know several people that have had good luck with online dating. Having been married almost 30 years, it was not on the scene back in the day! Although, I do know a few 20 somethings that would be interested in this.

  4. I’m married so haven’t tried the site, but have heard of Avios. I love the BA mileage rewards program – in comparison with others, they are pretty generous and flexible.

  5. Ahhh… Never tried Online Dating. A very good friend of mine turned out to be the man of my dreams & reality. But my best friend found her perfect man online, so I do believe still that the magic can happen online, though I have not personally tried it though.

  6. Trust you to find something like this. I’m really feeling my age now! This whole process actually freaks me out. I’m really glad I didn’t have to do any of this, even if it meant earning points for travel 🙂 It’s such a different world now.

    • I know. Part of me thinks it would be a simpler, more strategic way to meet people and part of me is horrified at the window shopping. It wasn’t really around when I was single so was never an option but never say never!

  7. Something new with online dating. If i sign up, ofcourse my gf will kill me. Hehehe. But nice info. I will try if hiddenly.

  8. What an interesting concept! I’ve never tried online dating, but it would be cool to earn extra miles. Too bad it’s not that user friendly!

  9. Would like to sign up but I it is too late I have been married for 3 years :))))

  10. I wish we could do that in Czech Republic, too. Europe seems to be so behind with all these miles programs!

  11. This is certainly something a little new and different. I’ve never heard of AVIOS before and while signing up for an online dating site, I can see the appeal when it can be tied in with travel. Very unique concept.

  12. Haha, I’m also not single, so I think I’ll have to by-pass that method of acquiring AVOIS… although, who knows, my BF might be keen to try it out to help shave some cash off our next trip abroad, hehe. I’m glad there’s some alternative, fun ways to earn miles, rather than just “transfer your Flybuys credits! Make sure you fill up with petrol at this specific service station!”, etc.

  13. I met my hubby through an online dating site. We met 9 years ago and have been married 5 years. It’s pretty cool that user could actually earn $$ towards their honeymoon!

  14. Well, this is certainly a new way of acquiring travel miles! I think this would cause problems and it would be a hard one to explain to the hubby…hahaha.

  15. fThanks for a detailed write up. Not sure I’d ever do online dating though. Seems so uncanny in a way.

  16. I’m married so I probably shouldn’t sign up for Match Affinity, lol, but what a cool way to earn some bonus miles! I always love learning about different ways to accumulate miles–there are certainly some interesting opportunities out there. Great find and suggestion-thanks for sharing!

  17. We used Avios to book flights to the Maldives for our honeymoon!

    • Nice move. Did you fly business class and which island did you visit? I also went there for part of my honeymoon combining it with Oman which was awesome. I can’t remember who I flew with though as it is almost ten years ago but it is before I was travel hacking!

  18. Being happily married I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with online dating nonsense.

    • Ha ha. I’m with you. I’ve been happily married nine years in March and cannot contemplate the idea of a date! It makes me feel physically sick but I guess if I was single I would probably prefer online dating as a screening mechanism rather than going out to bars and hoping to meet a soulmate. To be fair I met my husband through work which is probably a good way of establishing some commonality.

  19. This is something new. I never heard of AVIOS before.

    Will definitely try out.

    Thanks a bunch

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