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Travel hacking tips for upgrades and business class flights, and reviews.

Introducing The New ‘Bugger All’ British Airways Service

British Airways redemptions using AVIOS

Today we are flying from Heathrow to Berlin. It’s our first experience of the ‘improved’ British Airways service, which offers paid drinks and snacks. Thankfully, it’s only a short flight, as the stories I’ve heard about poor service just keep adding to my growing disenchantment with this airline. It seems not …

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Is The Dreamliner Really That Dreamy?

Mountain views from the Dreamliner

I’ve heard the hype, read the raving reviews and seen the pictures, but today I’m finally jumping onboard the Dreamliner. We are flying Club class to Seoul with British Airways, courtesy of our companion vouchers. So is this plane really as dreamy as it is made out to be? The …

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