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Personal travel accounts, reviews and insights from the UK.

Our Exhilerating Ride On The Longest Zipwire In Europe

Longest zipwire in Europe

Following the M56 from England into Wales, we descend into a land of rolling hills, ancient castles, quaint villages and rugged landscapes shrouded in mist. Hidden in the heart of Snowdonia, in a valley resembling Middle Earth, surrounded by pine forests and glistening lakes, you will find Zipworld and the …

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How I Fared In The Tunnels Of Terror

The tightrope

Meltdown in the tunnels of terror ‘Jason, I CANNOT DO IT!’ I holler. He is looking at me in abject horror, as I cling to the wall, trying desperately not to look down, images of me slipping to a gory death racing through my mind. My legs are shaking so …

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Which Is The Grandest St Pancras Hotel?

The Grandest Hotel in London The St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel lives up to its name. Narrowly saved from demolition in 1967, the hotel was authentically restored to its former glory prior to its reopening in 2011. There may be other hotels in London that are equally grand and opulent, but …

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