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How To Earn Avios Eating Takeaways and Dining Out

Yes, it’s official. You can now earn more Avios eating in a variety of different restaurants, and even from your trusty takeaways.


First up, for those who like takeaways, Just Eat is now on the Avios store so before you buy, login to your Avios account (not your British Airways Executive Account), search for Just Eat and buy as normal. You will earn 2 AVIOS per ¬£1 spent. Your Friday pizza ūüćē may as well contribute to your next reward flights!

pizza can earn you AVIOS
Source: Pixabay

They are not the only ones in on the act either. Orders from Hungry Horse will earn you 5 AVIOS, Papa John’s 1 AVIOS and Dominoes 3 AVIOS per pound spent. Ok, so you might be big as a bus if you rely on this method to get you a reward flight, but if you are buying them anyway, you may as well earn right?

Don’t worry, if you are not a big fan of takeaways as those who enjoy a meal out can also benefit too.

Dining out

You can now earn up to 250 AVIOS for every restaurant booking you make on a number of different restaurant booking sites. Both ResDiary and Restaurant Circle offer this option. All you need to do is hop on to their websites, search for your nearest restaurant and book. You can then indulge in your favourite cuisine knowing that it will be contributing to future reward flights.

dine out and earn AVIOS
Source: PIxabay

It never ceases to amaze me all the diverse ways you can earn. Use these tips, and tons of my other top tips with a top AVIOS earning credit card and you can be flying business class in no time. You might even wish to splurge and fly First!

What is your favourite way to earn AVIOS?

Come and share the AVIOS inspiration by telling us your favourite way to earn AVIOS? Join the conversation on Twitter (use #MyAviosTip), or in the comments below. I would love to hear from you

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  1. I had never heard of Avos before reading this post so thanks for introducing it to me! Seems like a fab idea.

  2. I have a British Airways Avios card that earns me miles after every pound I spend. I think this is a great way to earn Avios points.

  3. I hadn’t heard of Avios before, but it sounds like a great way to earn points. I’m definitely going to have to check it out.

  4. This feels silly to ask but what is Avios? I’ve never heard of it before but it certainly does look interesting!

  5. If buying pizza could earn my flight rewards, I would never stick to my diet haha.. I need to look into this more!

  6. Thank you for the insight! It’s always good to know any possible money saving techniques!

  7. I’ve never even heard of Avios until now, but a airline rewards program I can add to by eating pizza HAS ME HOOKED! Running off to do more research!

  8. So many great tips! This program is quite versatile- will have to check it out. I love how I can now use flight rewards as an excuse to order pizza :p

  9. I am not on the Avios programme but will consider looking into this.

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