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Why Is The AMEX Gold The Most Flexible Airline Credit Card?

Unlike the BA AMEX or Virgin MasterCard credit cards, AMEX offers an airline credit card which allows you to transfer points to many airlines. This means that travellers in the UK have the ability to fly business or first class with airlines other than British Airways or Virgin Atlantic if …

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DIY Tour of Xian

How To Save Money With A FREE Personal Tour Guide

Ever been inspired by a travel blog only to fail miserably to find that amazing pub or restaurant you were so keen to visit? Or, perhaps you’ve highlighted your chosen destination, drinking hotspots, and mouth-watering food destinations on a map only to discover you can’t find that tiny little alley or …

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How To Quickly Boost Your AVIOS Account With 114,000 Miles

January was a record month for me for air miles. I have yet to do the final recce but the total is in excess of 114,000. I was absolutely astonished when I checked one of my card statements to find 91,000 AVIOS waiting to be transferred to my AVIOS account. …

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Check in desk airport

How To Avoid Being An Ass With This Airport Survival Guide

Half of the stress at the airport is not caused by threats of delays and lost baggage, although that doesn’t help. Sadly, airport stress is often caused by other passengers. Specifically those people that wait until they are at the security counter before they start unpacking iPads, laptops, toiletries and …

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Cervinia mountains

How To Plan The Ultimate DIY Ski Holiday To Stunning Cervinia

If you are not a fan of package holidays, then a DIY ski trip is the answer. But, getting to the mountains can be a challenge that will put off even the hardiest of travellers. This guide provides everything you need to know to plan your own DIY trip to …

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