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Is The Virgin Atlantic Credit Card Now Beating AMEX Gold?

Given recent punitive changes to the AMEX Gold card, it’s worth revisiting how this card compares with the other titan of UK travel hacking, the Virgin Atlantic Credit card. I have not been a huge fan of these cards previously (poor companion voucher, no referral programme, and unspectacular sign-up bonus) but …

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St Andrew's Cathedral, Kiev, UkraineAC

Discover Everything You Need To Know About Getting Around Kiev

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine may not be on your bucket list yet but it really should be. This city has a huge amount of attractions to keep you busy for a long weekend or longer if you are a museum enthusiast. Like a moody teenager trying to break free …

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St Sophia's Cathedral

3 Terrible And Astonishing Things To Do In Kiev

When I told people I was heading to Kiev for the Easter weekend, the most common response was ‘why?’ It seems the world has yet to recognise the many delights that this city has to offer. With direct flights from London and a flight time of just over 3 hours, …

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I Might Be Falling Out Of Love With AMEX Gold

Hot on the heels of recent changes from American Express which almost put an end to credit card recycling for the sole purpose of earning repeated sign up bonuses, comes yet more punitive changes. Without a word of warning, AMEX has slashed the number of membership reward points you can …

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The Chernobyl sarcophagus

How Scary Is It To Visit Chernobyl Exclusion Zone?

One spring day in April 1986 Imagine being torn from your homes with only an hour’s notice. You frantically cram belongings into the one small backpack you may take. Promises of an imminent return reassure as you are herded onto buses to be hosted by unwilling families in neighbouring villages. …

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