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boats in the marina at Soller Port

How To Easily Explore Stunning Mallorca On A Palma Weekend Break

The island of Mallorca is perhaps best known for sun, sand and sangria. It’s a place where young adults decamp in their thousands to drink themselves stupid, frolic in the sun and party all night. It’s perhaps less known for quaint villages and picturesque coves fringed by shimmering azure waters. …

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The Chernobyl sarcophagus

How Scary Is It To Visit Chernobyl Exclusion Zone?

One spring day in April 1986 Imagine being torn from your homes with only an hour’s notice. You frantically cram belongings into the one small backpack you may take. Promises of an imminent return reassure as you are herded onto buses to be hosted by unwilling families in neighbouring villages. …

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The Taal Volcano crater

How to save money on a breathtaking trip to Taal Volcano

My knees are practically touching my chin, my hip bone wedged into the side of metal bars and my spine jarring with every movement. No this isn’t some bizarre torture, I’m voluntarily ensconced in a tricycle on the way to Taal Volcano. If you are now thinking three wheelers with …

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Athletics race winner

Has Virgin Atlantic Reward+ Credit Card Stolen AMEX Gold’s Crown?

As you may be aware AMEX has ravaged the perks of the AMEX Gold card, and it is thus no longer as easy for me to endorse this card. Last week, I updated my comparison of the AMEX Gold card with the free Virgin Atlantic Credit card. It was difficult to …

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loyalty program and other items on desk

Is The Virgin Atlantic Credit Card Now Beating AMEX Gold?

Given recent punitive changes to the AMEX Gold card, it’s worth revisiting how this card compares with the other titan of UK travel hacking, the Virgin Atlantic Credit card. I have not been a huge fan of these cards previously (poor companion voucher, no referral programme, and unspectacular sign-up bonus) but …

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