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This Is The One Reason You Should Bother With The BA AMEX Card

Normally, I’m very vocal in saying that you should never apply for the British Airways American Express card. This post explains why you should avoid the Free BA Amex card but there is one occasion when it makes absolute sense to hold this card. First let me explain, why the card that …

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Did You Know These Five Fascinating Prague Facts?

First time visitors to Prague may be surprised by some of the records that the city an country holds. Test your knowledge, and see how many of these five fascinating Prague facts you already know about this beautiful city, and wider country. Five fascinating Prague facts Home to the world’s …

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Victoria and Albert Waterfront, Cape Town

Why Should You Avoid The Free BA AMEX Card Like The Plague

Many people taking their first baby steps into the land of UK travel hacking (collecting hotel and airline miles) make the mistake of opting for the FREE BA AMEX card. This card is officially known as the British Airways American Express Credit Card, but for the purposes of this post …

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Revealed: The Best Air Miles Rewards Flights In The U.K

Part two in the series considering which airline offers the best UK airline rewards loyalty program examines which offers the best air miles rewards flights. The first part considered the route choices and can be found here: Which Is The Best Airline Rewards Program In The UK? Redemption costs We …

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Map showing planes around the world

Which Is The Best Airline Rewards Program In The UK?

If you are a travel hacking novice (i.e someone who finds every conceivable way to earn airmile and hotel loyalty points) in Britain, you may be wondering whether it is better to focus on British Airways or Virgin Atlantic. This post considers which offers the best airline rewards program in …

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