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Camps Bay and Table Mountain

Is A Cape Point Tour The Most Beautiful Road Trip In The World?

As we descend the rutted road on our Cape Point tour, the wild Atlantic crashing in front of us, bright orange streaks light the sky, signalling the impending sunset. Michala excitedly alerts us to whales in the bay. ‘Where? Where?’ we urgently appeal, half expecting her to be mistaking some …

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street scenes of Bratislava

Two Day Itinerary Of Stunning Places To Visit In Bratislava

Once I’d booked my flights and started researching places to visit in Bratislava, I quickly became discouraged. There seemed little of note to see, and much less chatter on social media and travel blogs about the wonders of this hidden European gem. I solicited recommendations on a few occasions and …

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riding the zipwire

How To Unleash Your Tarzan For The First Time On An Exciting High Ropes Course

I step nervously onto a sliver of wood slung across the chasm between two towering trees. Small planks, joined by plastic coated steel ropes, sway perilously from side to side, as I try to navigate the ‘twisted bridge’. It’s a cautious dance between sections, as I frantically try to shift …

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Donald Duck on parade at Disneyland Paris

Flybe To The Rescue After More Air France Flight Cancellations

For weeks before Easter, the press were scaremongering about the beast from the east ruining Easter with tons of snow. We kept a close eye on the weather, as we were planning a trip to Disneyland Paris. In the days leading up to our trip, it became apparent that the …

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Table Mountain from the catamaran

Is A Cape Town Sunset Cruise The Best Way To End The Day?

Cape Town sunset cruise A great way to end an evening in Cape Town is to jump onboard a catamaran and head out to sea. As you watch the sun setting on the horizon, you can take in stunning views of table mountain and Cape Town, whilst enjoying a few …

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