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Which Is The Best Airmiles Credit Card In The UK?

UPDATED 30th September: Assuming you have read the Credit card golden rules and understand that credit cards are the key to earning AVIOS quickly and know that you can manage your credit cards responsibly, you are ready to consider which is the best airmiles credit card in the UK. Which credit …

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AMEX gold card close up

How To Beat The Prices Of The Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Sale

I have been wanting to fly Virgin Atlantic Upper Class for some time and have continually lamented my inability to earn tons of Virgin Atlantic points in the UK. It seems I have been missing a trick! During some recent research, I had a lightbulb moment when I realised that …

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Taking the helicopter in Cape Town

Discover How To Rack Up A Whopping 500000 Airmiles In Just Six Months

Earn 500000 airmiles in six months Ok, so you have established that you can spend a £1,000 a month on credit cards (see step one for a reminder as to why this is so important). In that case, travel hacking in the UK could work for you. Remember however, the …

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Halloween travel horrors

How To Avoid These 11 Terrifying Travel Horrors Like An Expert

As autumn approaches and our thoughts turn to the spooky events of Halloween, I remember times when my travel experiences have been far from sun, sand and sangria. Sometimes, events can turn sour and we experience some pretty frightening events during our travels. For instance, I’ve experienced earthquakes, riots, coups, …

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Mountains of Japan

How To Save Money On Travel In Expensive Japan

Before I visited Japan, I’d heard a ton of horror stories about how expensive Japan was. The country wasn’t even on my bucket list when we visited in 2014. Jason had to persuade me as I was put off by rumours of horrific costs. Ultimately, I was pleasantly surprised by …

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