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How To Overcome The Mysteries Of The British Airways Companion Voucher

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The questions on Inside Flyer or Quora reveal significant confusion around the British Airways Companion Voucher. Responses are often contradictory, adding to the lack of understanding around this valuable perk of British Airways AMEX cards. British Airways companion voucher myths Some readers are adamant that short haul is the best way to use the ‘AMEX companion voucher’, whilst others stress that …

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Introducing The New ‘Bugger All’ British Airways Service

British Airways redemptions using AVIOS

Today we are flying from Heathrow to Berlin. It’s our first experience of the ‘improved’ British Airways service, which offers paid drinks and snacks. Thankfully, it’s only a short flight, as the stories I’ve heard about poor service just keep adding to my growing disenchantment with this airline. It seems not a week passes without a British Airways horror story making …

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How Much Fun Could You Have With FREE In-Flight Wifi ?

In-flight wifi to make your journey more bearable

Hot on the heels of the British Airways food upgrade (their words, not mine) comes an innovation which is super-exciting. FREE in-flight wifi (maybe) The Telegraph reports that the airline is to launch an in-flight wifi service on short-haul routes from next summer. For those of you who cannot tolerate being deprived of Facebook, Twitter or other online activity, this …

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Take Advantage Of The New British Airways Check-in To Save Time

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A new British Airways check-in service launches later this month which will allow those living within the M25 to check-in their bags at home. No more wrestling with heavy cases, waiting at bag drop or turning up at the airport two hours in advance. This service will take one of the key hassles out of your travels, making it easier …

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