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Are You Getting Excited For The 2018 Winter Olympics?

The 2018 Winter Olympics mascots

The excitement builds With just four weeks to go until the 2018 Winter Olympics, is anyone else getting excited? Are you already planning your TV itinerary, or even better some flights? If so, you need to read this updated post sharing our experiences in South Korea. Alpensia Ski Jump Gazing up at the towering Alpensia Ski Jump, I can hear …

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How To Help Make The Blind Bloggers Amazing Travel Dream Come True

child playing in the water surrounding the steel balls in the Sheffield Peace Gardens

Given that you have found my website, I am guessing that you like to travel. Maybe you love breathtaking mountain vistas, architectural delights, mouthwatering cuisines or simply soaking up city vibes. Think about everything we take for granted when we travel as a sighted person, and how scary it might be to travel if we actually could not see. Yes, imagine …

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Three Reasons To Avoid Milan Cathedral Like The Plague

Milan cathedral and balloons

Milan tourist attractions Look on any travel website for things to do in Milan and inevitably Milan Cathedral (or il Duomo MIlan, in Italian) will appear. This architectural gem is a vision of beauty, with 135 spires, over 3,000 elaborate statues and glittering marble. Your brain struggles to comprehend the sheer size, scale and dedication to a project which took …

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How To Avoid suffering These Four Travel Horror Stories

Yes, travel isn’t always unicorns and fairytales, whimsical scenes and adventure filled days. Inevitably things go wrong, destinations you’ve longed to visit fail to live up to expectations and travel plans go array. To soften the horror of your return to work, I’m sharing four of my travel horror stories from 2017. As a bonus, I am also throwing in …

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How To Earn More Air Miles By Avoiding This Dumb Mistake

earn more points online

It’s that time of year when the mulled wine is flowing, the fireworks are a popping and I’m totting up how many AVIOS I’ve earned for the year. I like to see if my air miles statement shows an improvement or deterioration on last year’s performance. Also, whether there are any key takeaways that I can use to boost my …

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How To Plan The Ultimate DIY Ski Holiday To Stunning Cervinia

Cervinia mountains

If you are not a fan of package holidays, then a DIY ski trip is the answer. But, getting to the mountains can be a challenge that will put off even the hardiest of travellers. This guide provides everything you need to know to plan your own DIY trip to Breuil Cervinia in Italy. It is a stunning resort in …

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