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Tips and tricks to prevent problems or deals with the worst should it happen on your travels.

How To Get More Value From Your Airmile Rewards

Stopover in Dublin en route to Miami

How to make the most of your airmile rewards So you have done the hard work, weighed down your wallet with plastic, signed up for every airline and hotel portal, bagged a bunch of credit card sign up bonuses, re-engineered your entire spending habits AND set up ways to track your spending and credit card use that would make a military logistics …

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The Hassle Free Way to Find the Best Airmile Rewards

Use FlyerMiler to find the best airmile rewards

How the Economical Excursionists find the best airmile rewards I am so excited today to introduce LeAnna, one half of the EconomicalExcursionists (soon to become three when baby hack comes along in March!) who, with her husband, has been using travel hacking to find the best airmile rewards fund their travels around the globe. While Andy finds the best airmile rewards and manages …

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How to Save Money Overseas with a Traveller SIM card

Using your phone overseas with the Tellink Traveller SIM

Holiday hangover I’m not talking the alcohol variety here but the financial kind. Have you ever been on holiday and come back to a nasty phone bill? How about £260 from Tunisia or £95 from India? Pretty painful isn’t it? Maybe you thought those few texts wouldn’t cost much but you could be surprised by how much those innocent little messages …

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17 Expert Money Saving Tips To Help You Travel More

Travel Money Saving Tips British Columbia

A Christmas Bonanza of 17 Travel Money Saving Tips In the spirit of Christmas, here is a bumper travel money saving tips post to help any ‘addicted travellers’ support their obsession. Are you travel obsessed? Do you have that fatal affliction which has you continually surfing the web seeking out bargains, checking flight prices, lusting over jaw dropping infinity pools on …

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