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Tips and tricks to prevent problems or deals with the worst should it happen on your travels.

How To Satisfy Your Inner Snob With These Ten Travel Hacks

Lufthansa flight

Why I need ten travel hacks I have a confession to make. I am a complete and utter travel snob. My days of sleeping in a Bure with 100 other people are well and truly are over. These days I am more at home sipping champagne in business class or enjoying afternoon tea at one of London’s luxury hotels. Now before …

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AVOID Charges On Your Travel Money With One Easy Solution

Curve card hidden compartment

The new way to save on your travel money The Curve Card is a new generation way to make handling overseas payments better value. Use it instead of your credit or debit card and save on transaction fees applied when overseas. Who hasn’t come back from vacation to discover statements peppered with charges for overseas transactions? Those £1.25 fees and 2.99% …

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Do You Know How To Secure Your Flight Delay Compensation?

Weekend in Prague with your flight delay compensation

Are you missing out on your share of the estimated €699,667,500 due in flight delay compensation? SHOCK ALERT: In 2015, over 3,200 flights were delayed for more than three hours and almost 4,800 flights were cancelled. With increased industrial action on the continent, bad weather and staff shortages, figures from EUclaim reveal that 2016 looks to be shaping up even worse with an estimated, staggering €699,667,500 flight delay compensation …

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Is The Supercard Really The Best Way To Pay Overseas?

Cocktails on the beach

Introducing the new Supercard The Supercard is a relatively new addition to Travelex’s variety of currency exchange options and possibly might be the best way to save money on overseas transactions. It links to your existing credit and debit cards, charging items paid for using the Supercard to your linked card, and most importantly it’s free to get your mitts …

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The Best Way To Save Money On Your Currency Exchange

Currency conversion calculations

How to get the best deal on currency exchange Spending overseas can be a painful affair once the banks apply their exchange rate and banking charges. If you are using debit cards, it is not uncommon for a fixed fee to apply plus a percentage charge which soon adds up. You can of course use money exchange facilities but this also …

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