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Tips and tricks to prevent problems or deals with the worst should it happen on your travels.

Five Things I Appreciate More About Travelling In My Forties

travelling in my forties

This week I’m writing about travel for us oldies, technically known as middle-aged people. There’s so many blogs dedicated to travel for millennials, travel for those in their twenties and thirties, but very little for those who are maturer in years, if not in behaviour. It’s almost as though, the youth of today, the font of all knowledge, assume that …

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Is January Really the Cheapest Month to Travel?

When is the cheapest time to visit Europe?

Today I’m excited to bring you a guest post from Marie Nieves, a fellow student and travel blogger. She is a girl after my heart, another bookworm on a quest to experience the world’s magic. She has done extensive research to determine the cheapest month to travel to destinations around the globe and is sharing her discoveries with you. The good …

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How Travel Wi-fi Can Save You Money When Travelling

The Ivideo device

I’m in the Philippines this week and am partnering with Ivideo to trial their travel WI-FI device. Yes, this means I will be able to write blog posts from the jungle, stream Facebook Live from the top of the Chocolate Hills or even instantaneously upload my snorkelling and diving videos. No more boring long journeys to endure when I can …

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How To Book A Luxury Bali Honeymoon For Less


As Valentine approaches, it seems only fitting that I write a ‘love’ themed post, so how about planning the most romantic trip of your life, a luxury Bali honeymoon? A dream Bali honeymoon Richard and Charlotte recently tied the knot in a fabulous chateau in France. Obviously with a spectacular wedding like that, it’s going to be a hard task booking …

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How To Save Money On A Personal Tour Guide

Download your personal tour guide for Toronto

Ever been inspired by a travel blog only to fail miserably to find that amazing pub or restaurant you were so keen to visit? Or perhaps you’ve highlighted your chosen destination, drinking hotspots and mouth-watering food destinations on a map only to discover you can’t find that tiny little alley or courtyard where it is supposed to be located. Frustrating …

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