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Tips and tricks to prevent problems or deals with the worst should it happen on your travels.

How To Help Make The Blind Bloggers Amazing Travel Dream Come True

child playing in the water surrounding the steel balls in the Sheffield Peace Gardens

Given that you have found my website, I am guessing that you like to travel. Maybe you love breathtaking mountain vistas, architectural delights, mouthwatering cuisines or simply soaking up city vibes. Think about everything we take for granted when we travel as a sighted person, and how scary it might be to travel if we actually could not see. Yes, imagine …

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How To Avoid suffering These Four Travel Horror Stories

Yes, travel isn’t always unicorns and fairytales, whimsical scenes and adventure filled days. Inevitably things go wrong, destinations you’ve longed to visit fail to live up to expectations and travel plans go array. To soften the horror of your return to work, I’m sharing four of my travel horror stories from 2017. As a bonus, I am also throwing in …

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How Brave Would You Need To Be To Travel If You Were Blind?

Max heads to New York on the Amtrak

When I received an email from Max, aka the Blind Blogger, inviting me to review his latest book, I jumped at the chance. As a travel blogger, the thought of losing my sight terrifies me. I cannot begin to imagine how I would enjoy travelling without the pleasure of sight. I’m drawn to nature like a moth to a flame. …

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Discover 27 Awesome Places To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Bahamas NYE

Hoorah, as the festive season approaches, you may be turning your thoughts to how you might ring in the New Year. But with so many options, how do you decide where to go for New Year’s Eve? Here to help, I’ve asked a bunch of fellow travel bloggers for their thoughts on the best places to go for New Year’s …

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How To Save Tons Of Money On Family Travel

Melissa on the tropical beach

Today’s post comes from a fellow travel blogger, Melissa, over at Thrifty Family Travels. She is a lifelong traveller who has figured out ways to make her travel money go further when travelling with both her partner and daughter. Isn’t her daughter a cutie? She is going to share some fabulous tips with you today on how to save money on …

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