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Hotel reviews from around the Globe with a predominant UK flavour.

Treat Yourself To Delicious Afternoon Tea At The Millennium Mayfair

Millennium Mayfair afternoon tea desserts

Afternoon tea at the Millennium Mayfair The Millennium Mayfair is an unassuming place tucked away down a side street overlooking Grosvenor Square Gardens in the heart of Mayfair. We arrive slightly late for our afternoon tea but nevertheless receive a warm reception from Renata and her colleagues. After some brief pleasantries, they lead us to our spacious table in the light-filled restaurant. It’s …

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How To Book A Luxury Bali Honeymoon For Less


As Valentine approaches, it seems only fitting that I write a ‘love’ themed post, so how about planning the most romantic trip of your life, a luxury Bali honeymoon? A dream Bali honeymoon Richard and Charlotte recently tied the knot in a fabulous chateau in France. Obviously with a spectacular wedding like that, it’s going to be a hard task booking …

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Enjoy A Culinary Delight At The Booking Office, St Pancras

Booking Office, St Pancras

Dining at the Booking Office, St Pancras Eating dinner at the Booking Office, St Pancras is a surreal experience. In the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, this vaulted, wood-panelled room was the booking office for wealthy Victorians wishing to venture North by trains. Belles in delightful ball gowns would grace its hall, brimming with excitement as they made their …

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How To Pop Your Airbnb Cherry And Save Money

Sunset on Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

It’s not the first time that I’ve stayed in an Airbnb. It is however, the first time I’ve paid for an Airbnb (having worked with a few owners before) and I am keen to review the experience given some of the recent criticism of Airbnb. Claims that the prices are becoming inflated, owners unreliable and listings misleading have piqued my …

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Five Reasons To Stay At The Sexiest Hotel In Kings Cross

Renaissance Hotel London

A sexy hotel in London’s Kings Cross? Anyone who visited the Kings Cross area of London prior to the renovation of the train stations could be forgiven for thinking it was a dump and any suggestion of a sexy hotel laughable. However, the multi-million-pound restoration projects of St Pancras and Kings Cross have breathed fresh new air into this area. En route to …

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