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Escape to Devaaya for Blissful Bodily Indulgence

Escape to Devaaya building scenes

The English Oxford dictionary defines retreat as withdrawal ‘to a quiet or secluded place.’ Nowhere could this be more true than at Devaaya. Tucked away on the uppermost corner of Divar Island on the Mandovi River in Goa, Devaaya is a colourful resort, surrounded by wetlands, tiny villages and glorious countryside. The three mile journey from the ferry, transporting you …

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Enjoy Eatz, Drinkz and Roomz at Sleeperz Hotel Newcastle

Breakfast buffet at the Sleeperz Hotel

Planning a trip to Newcastle or surrounding areas? Can’t decide where to stay? If you’re looking for something new and funky, look no further than Sleeperz Hotel in the heart of Newcastle. Established in 2010, this hotel is in a prime location. Utilising disused land around central railway stations, these hotels (also in Cardiff) offer quirky accommodation, at a reasonable …

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