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Enjoy a Winter Wonderland Escape to Lac St Joseph

escape to Lac St Joseph in this holiday rental

Fancy a weekend break from the city? A chance to relax with friends or loved ones surrounded by nature? Or maybe you are visiting from overseas and would like to get off the beaten track in Quebec province. Then look no further with this winter wonderland escape to Lac St Joseph. Escape to Lac St Joseph Just forty minutes from …

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How Safe is Your Tackle During an Ayurveda Treatment?

Ayurveda treatments

Well let’s get one thing straight from the start, I’m far from being a prude having had my share of massages on my travels, but my first experience of an Ayurverda treatment has opened up a whole new world for me. Now, I did have some advance warning from my wife Anne, that personal modesty is almost non-existent in India, so …

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Fall in Love With the New Kid of Mumbai at Abode Bombay

Nestled in the heart of bustling Colaba, is a nondescript apartment building, dirtied by pollution and squeezed unceremoniously between some local businesses. The entryway is dingy and dusty, and a rickety lift (you know the kind where you have to drag open the metal cage door) slowly creaks its way up to the first floor. If you prefer to walk, you are …

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Yummy Yab Yum is a Magical Place to Stay

Yummy Yab Yum

Travelling the few miles from our last location was more problematic than we expected. We knew Yab Yum was located on Ashvem beach and my wife, having seen it in passing (albeit it from the beach three years ago), was confident she knew where it was. Our taxi driver certainly wasn’t confident (it seems quite normal in India for the cab drivers …

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Enjoy Fabulous Views from this Treetop Bedroom in Goa

treetop bedroom

Where the hell am I? I’m wondering if I have made a huge mistake. We are following rudimentary directions from the church in Siolim. I have no idea if we have made the right turn, no phone to make a call, and the instructions I was given suggest that if I merely utter the name of the owner, then someone …

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