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Travel Hack Thursdays

Learn from savvy travellers who have used travel hacking tools to fly business or first class.

How To Hack More Airmiles Like This Dynamite Duo

missiles in North Korea

Today’s #TravelHackThursday post has me super excited as I introduce a fellow Prior2Boarding blogging duo. Ben and Jon are two thirty-something West Coast guys with full-time 9-5 jobs, who spend their long weekends traveling the world in first class. Yay, kindred spirits indeed who I cannot wait to meet in person (double yay as they are heading to London in January and …

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How to Earn Airmiles Like an Expert in Britain

earn airmiles like an expert with these tips

Welcome to #Travel Hack Thursday, a regular feature, aiming to demonstrate that you don’t need to be rich, or constantly circumnavigating the globe, to earn airmiles like an expert. If you want to know more about the feature, hop over to Introducing Travel Hack Thursday for the lowdown. Today’s featured expert is Craig, an IT consultant from Durham. Craig is married with a …

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How to Travel The World For Free With This University

travel the world for free with airline programmes

This cool teenager learned how to travel the world for free The best thing about researching my Top Travel Hacker post has been the chance to engage with some super bright, knowledgeable experts who can help you travel the world for free (or at worst for much less than you would pay for an off the shelf price! Take for instance, …

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How to Become an Expert Family Travel Hacker?

Expert family travel hacker family reunion

Usually when I talk about travel hacking, I talk about the benefits of accumulating points as a couple. A strategy involving two clearly pays more dividends than going solo, but what about families? Is it possible to become an expert family travel hacker, and if so, how? How does a large family, for instance, make the most of travel hacking …

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How to Travel Hack like The Honeymoon Guy

The Honeymoon Guy travel hack tips

Introducing The Honeymoon Guy We are celebrating Valentine’s Day this week, and to bring some gold old-fashioned romance into your life, this week’s Travel Hack Thursday (#TravelHackThursday) features none other than The Honeymoon Guy. Who better to share his travel hacking tips with anyone planning a honeymoon, destination wedding, anniversary trip or just a sexy getaway?! You can read about …

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