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Frequent Flyer Programs

Yes you can get free hotel nights or upgrades to business class and first. Our travel hacking posts show you how to use hotel or airline rewards to travel in style without the premium price tag.

What Do You Think Of Turkish Airlines?

Our economy flight from Manchester to Istanbul starts well with plush leather seats, oversized seatback TVs and reasonable leg space. The service is exceptional and the food more than edible, unfortunately it goes somewhat pear shaped once we board our lengthier connecting flight to Hong Kong. Yes, this was the flight from Hell! It certainly wasn’t a magical gateway to …

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Discover Three More Novel Ways To Earn More AVIOS

Eat Pizza and earn AVIOS

There seems to have been a spate of announcements recently for new ways to earn more AVIOS so here is quick round up of three options for you to consider. Three new ways to earn more AVIOS Nutmeg Individual Savings Account The first rewards an ISA application with Nutmeg with up to 10,000 AVIOS depending on the amount invested. As …

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Will Etihad And Airberlin Be The Perfect Partnership?

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE

I’ve talked previously about how it pays to be a loyalty club member of an airline which is part of an airline alliance. This means that you can earn and redeem points with a number of airlines. You can then redeem points with any of the member airlines. In short, you have more choice and more chance of a successful …

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What Is The Best Way To Convert Top Cashback To Airmiles?

buy cocktails with your cashback

Since I joined Top Cashback I have earned over £400 in cashback of which I’ve claimed £376.70. I have converted this as follows: Date Payout Payment AVIOS Conversion 14-Sep-16 British Airways Executive Club £35.44 3,544 01-Apr-16 British Airways Executive Club £102.41 10,241 03-May-16 British Airways Executive Club £84.88 8,488 13-May-16 British Airways Executive Club £31.25 3,125 10-Jun-16 British Airways Executive …

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Does British Airways Think Its Passengers Are Stupid?

British Airways food screenshot 2

Much has been written in the last week about British Airways food in-flight is changing but given that I rarely eat on a short-haul flight, I didn’t feel inclined to join the conversation. However having just received this email, I’m inclined to express a view. It really does take some major marketing spin to describe introducing a paid service as …

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