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Frequent Flyer Programs

Yes you can get free hotel nights or upgrades to business class and first. Our travel hacking posts show you how to use hotel or airline rewards to travel in style without the premium price tag.

Is It Worth Buying American Airlines AAdvantage Miles?

deck out to gazebo in Cancun

Last week, I brought you news of the latest British Airways offer to buy AVIOS? Just a few days later, I received a similiar offer from American Airlines, and wondered if this offer might fare any better for those seeking to enhance their airmiles balance. Unlike the British Airways offer, there isn’t a bonus incentive so is buying American Airlines …

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How to Avoid the Kotor Dubrovnik Border and Visit Bosnia

Trebinje Bosnia

As we cross the border from Dubrovnik en route to Kotor, we cannot help noticing that there is a huge line of traffic coming the other way. Our hearts sink as we need to reverse our journey in just a few days. I do not relish the possibility of hours of waiting to cross a border. I do some research …

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How to Avoid Stress When Flying From Leeds Bradford Airport

Flying from Leeds Bradford Airport

Wow flying from Leeds Bradford Airport in the school holidays is hell. Parents with prams block aisles, bodies sprawl across multiple seats and the queues are a mile long. There’s a queue for check in, a queue for security, another queue for the bar, and even a long queue for WHSmith. Let’s just say that departing from this airport in the …

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