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Frequent Flyer Programs

Yes you can get free hotel nights or upgrades to business class and first. Our travel hacking posts show you how to use hotel or airline rewards to travel in style without the premium price tag.

Is This Your Last Chance To Get A Free British Airways AMEX?


Is this the beginning of the end for the free British Airways AMEX? Last week, AMEX lost their battle with the EU and now have to cap the interchange fee at 0.3%. This effects most travel American Express credit cards including British Airways and Starwood SPG Rewards cards and means that AMEX will be making less money off card transactions. …

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How To Get Your Hands On A Rewarding BA Companion Ticket

Part one in our series covering everything you need to know about the BA companion ticket kicks off today. We start with the basics of how to get your hands on one of these invaluable companion tickets.  If you happen to be an experienced travel hacker thinking you know this, don’t disappear just yet. This post goes beyond the obvious …

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How To Overcome The Mysteries Of The British Airways Companion Voucher

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The questions on Inside Flyer or Quora reveal significant confusion around the British Airways Companion Voucher. Responses are often contradictory, adding to the lack of understanding around this valuable perk of British Airways AMEX cards. British Airways companion voucher myths Some readers are adamant that short haul is the best way to use the ‘AMEX companion voucher’, whilst others stress that …

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Three Easy New Years Resolutions For Shrewd Travel Hackers

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As a New Year dawns, and we rise with foggy heads, thoughts quickly turn to how this year we will diet, get fit, sort out our finances etc. Or in my case, what travel hacking New Years resolutions I can embed to earn more miles and points. Based on my experiences of accumulating air miles in 2017, here are three New …

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You are Invited to the Virgin and KLM Wedding Celebrations

KLM plane

The latest announcement from Virgin is great news for anyone accumulating airmiles with Virgin. Only recently, I rejected flights with KLM, because I couldn’t earn useful miles, but that is all about to change. So if you aren’t aware, here’s the latest on the joint venture between Virgin and KLM. KLM/Air France has announced its intention to purchase 31% of …

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