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Let the Kilimanjaro Preparation Begin: A Scramble up Snowdon

Walks on Snowdon

Preparing for Kilimanjaro A friend of mine, Angela, heads to Kilimanjaro in September. As part of her preparation, she invited me to go on a training walk to Snowdon. Now Jason and I have taken the plunge, and booked our own Kili challenge, I didn’t take much persuading. On the Edge This was to be no normal walk up Snowdon …

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The Adventurous Tourist’s Survival Guide To Driving In Albania

The green waters of Blue Eye Spring

The survival guide to driving in Albania Driving in Albania is a challenge similiar to navigating the desert in the Wild West, back in the prohibition era. There are many hazards to test your patience, skill and endurance, so I’ve put together this handy survival guide for driving around Albania. Beware of Albanian drivers Albanian drivers have no respect for road rules. …

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Flying High On My First Helicopter Lesson at Doncaster Sheffield Airport

Flying in a helicopter

A helicopter lesson for my birthday ‘I think I’d like to take a helicopter flying lesson‘ one careless, throwaway comment to my husband and here I am months later staring at a voucher for a flying lesson. ‘Oh shit‘, is my first response. Didn’t he realise that was just a dumbass comment that I never actually expected to become reality? …

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How Travel Bloggers Save Money In Dubrovnik And Kotor

Explore the bays around Dubrovnik

Croatia and Montenegro have been on my bucket list for some time. Given the recent troubles in the Middle East, and the continued upheaval at British Airways, our upcoming flights to Qatar were cancelled, so I jumped at the chance to book some last minute flights. I paid £528 for two flights, which is no bargain, so I’m keen to …

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Discover The Pros and Cons of An Ayurveda Retreat

Flowers at a yoga retreat in India

‘Have you had a poo today?‘ the beautiful, nymph like Ayurvedic doctor innocently asks, peering intently at me across the monolithic desk in her consulting room. I almost choke on the water I am sipping, as I splutter a horrified response. It’s not considered polite conversation to discuss bodily functions over breakfast after all! I half expect Gillian McKeith to …

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