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REVIEW: An Unusual Hilton Experience at the Doubletree Stonetown in Zanzibar

Doubletree Stonetown rooftop bar

Brilliant white buildings jostle for position in the UNESCO world heritage old town of Stonetown. Elaborately carved balconies and doors, fit to impale an enemy, show evidence of the town’s eclectic heritage, a mixture of Persian, African and Indian influences. Hidden in the shade of the labyrinthine alleys is the cool respite of the Doubletree Stonetown. It’s whitewashed walls and …

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How to Avoid the Kotor Dubrovnik Border and Visit Bosnia

Trebinje Bosnia

As we cross the border from Dubrovnik en route to Kotor, we cannot help noticing that there is a huge line of traffic coming the other way. Our hearts sink as we need to reverse our journey in just a few days. I do not relish the possibility of hours of waiting to cross a border. I do some research …

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Go kayaking in Kotor with Adventure Montenegro

kayaking in Montenegro

The bay of Kotor is possibly one of the most dramatic and perfect destinations for sea kayaking. Jagged peaks rise steeply from the inky bay to over 1,000 metres providing jaw dropping views, and the sheltered bay means waves rarely threaten your comfort. It’s perfect for beginners and the more experienced alike. If you want to spend a morning or …

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Seven Things to do in Kotor Bay that have the X Factor

Muo, Montenegro

Introducing Kotor Bay Montenegro is a tiny sliver of land sandwiched between Croatia and Albania, and is home to Kotor Bay, a great gaping hole that dissects the country resembling a butterfly. It is a stunning magnet for cruise ships and those willing to make the journey overland. Most are drawn by the allure of the old town of Kotor, …

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