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Personal travel accounts, reviews and insights….some funny, some sad and some just downright weird.

A Collaborative Travel Journal: Inspired By Travel memories Of Travel Bloggers

Inspirational travel quote

I want memories, not possessions is a regular mantra of mine. Over the last 20 years I’ve spent as much time as possible creating a treasure trove of travel memories. From abseiling into caves, rafting over waterfalls, taking helicopter rides onto glaciers or simply going for a run surrounded by spectacular scenery, travel rewards me with so many wonderful memories. …

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Discover Heaven on Earth at The Residence Zanzibar

Residence Zanzibar dining room

Sounds of the Residence Zanzibar The only sounds are those of palms floating in the breeze, and birds noisily cawing. Stunning azure waters shimmer beyond the dancing ripples of our private pool and I marvel at what an escape the Residence Zanzibar is, both physically and mentally, as my worries are reduced to sizzling embers. Welcome to the Residence Zanzibar …

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Zanzibar International Airport: Is This The Worst Airport In The World?

Zanzibar beach

Sometimes African service, outside the realms of a five star resort, can be incredibly frustrating. Nowhere is this more true than the train wreck that is  Zanzibar International airport. Zanzibar International Airport Zanzibar may be the spice island, or as I have come to affectionately call it, heaven on earth. This may be due to the incredible stay we enjoyed …

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REVIEW: An Unusual Hilton Experience at the Doubletree Stonetown in Zanzibar

Doubletree Stonetown rooftop bar

Brilliant white buildings jostle for position in the UNESCO world heritage old town of Stonetown. Elaborately carved balconies and doors, fit to impale an enemy, show evidence of the town’s eclectic heritage, a mixture of Persian, African and Indian influences. Hidden in the shade of the labyrinthine alleys is the cool respite of the Doubletree Stonetown. It’s whitewashed walls and …

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