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The Ultimate Guide To Having Fun In Seattle On A Budget

Seattle by night

It has been a while since the last Cities for Less feature because we have been pretty busy hosting the #TTG4L 90 day challenge but given that Seattle is a city in the States I have yet to visit, this was too good an opportunity to miss. I am desperate to find out if it is possible to visit Seattle …

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Just One Way to Die on a Snowmobile in the West

runaway snowmobile

A snowmobile day trip ‘Brake, brake, brake, you idiot,’ (it was actually far worse than that but too rude to repeat here) shouts my husband as I careen wildly off the icy pathway, into the snow-covered banking, clinging desperately to the handlebars. Trees loom large in front of us, disturbingly solid – this is not going to be a platform …

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How to Explore the Island Paradise of Oahu for Less

Sunset in Hawaii

This week’s Cities for Less post comes from the exotic destination island of Hawaii. Who hasn’t seen pictures of surfers on the beach, stunning sunsets and dramatic coastline and not been tempted to book flights? Let’s be realistic though, the South Pacific (I know technically Hawaii is part of the USA but in geography it is nearer to the palm …

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How to Make the Most of Quebec for Non-Skiers

Imagine you book a ski trip to Quebec and then can’t ski, or maybe you are one of those people who hate skiing but your loved one happens to be a ski fanatic. Bummer! Short of dumping them (possible a little drastic!) your only other option is to find something else to do which allows you both to have fun …

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How to Visit San Francisco for Less

San Francisco for less

This week’s Cities for Less post brings you some fabulous tips from Katie for visiting San Francisco for less. Anyone who has ever visited San Francisco knows it’s a pretty special place, especially if you grew up on a diet of US TV with iconic scenes of the city a regular occurrence. However, is it possible to visit this city …

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