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How To Enjoy A Day In The Rain In Matka Canyon

Matka Canyon, Skopje, Macedonia

Sometimes Mother Nature is in a bad mood. Like many women, she has her off days and wants to piss on your bonfire. You may have planned to visit Matka Canyon, hoping for glorious sunshine, but she’s determined to thwart your plans. If you only have this one day to visit, and it is raining, I urge you to go …

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What To Make Of The Fabulous Frivolous Skopje Fountains

The Alexander the Great Fountain, Skopje, Macedonia

Spray washes over me as I try to capture the moment on film. Fountains dance in time to classical music as gods, warriors and lions look on in stony silence. A rain shower drenches majestic blasts of water choreographed into a fascinating performance. I find myself mesmerised and unconcerned that I am slowly becoming sodden in my quest for the …

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Here’s Why You Should Visit The Horrible Town Of Ohrid

The Old Town of Ohrid, Macedonia

How incredibly horrible can Ohrid really be? It is easy to become bewitched by this quaint little town nestled on the banks of Lake Ohrid in the shadow of Samuil’s Fortress, however it isn’t all picture perfect vistas. This town has got some truly horrid charms which may just seduce you into staying for longer than you planned. Here’s five …

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Things to do on Lake Ohrid that will make you fall in love

Church of St. John at Kaneo in Ohrid, Macedonia

Lake Ohrid is a UNESCO protected lake and town in South-West Macedonia. Squeezed into the border of Macedonia and Albania, it is a heady combination of crumbling villas, terracotta tiles and gigantic statues. This is a town where you will fall in love – with early morning mists hovering over the lake, with deserted castles and monasteries and with delightful, …

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