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How to Avoid the Kotor Dubrovnik Border and Visit Bosnia

Trebinje Bosnia

As we cross the border from Dubrovnik en route to Kotor, we cannot help noticing that there is a huge line of traffic coming the other way. Our hearts sink as we need to reverse our journey in just a few days. I do not relish the possibility of hours of waiting to cross a border. I do some research …

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How Travel Bloggers Save Money In Dubrovnik And Kotor

Explore the bays around Dubrovnik

Croatia and Montenegro have been on my bucket list for some time. Given the recent troubles in the Middle East, and the continued upheaval at British Airways, our upcoming flights to Qatar were cancelled, so I jumped at the chance to book some last minute flights. I paid £528 for two flights, which is no bargain, so I’m keen to …

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