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The Adventurous Tourist’s Survival Guide To Driving In Albania

The green waters of Blue Eye Spring

The survival guide to driving in Albania Driving in Albania is a challenge similiar to navigating the desert in the Wild West, back in the prohibition era. There are many hazards to test your patience, skill and endurance, so I’ve put together this handy survival guide for driving around Albania. Beware of Albanian drivers Albanian drivers have no respect for road rules. …

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Enjoy A Cultural Cocktail On This 8 day Self-drive Albania Tour

Self-drive tour itinerary in Albania

Albania may not be top of your bucket list, but if you would like an affordable Mediterranean holiday with a hint of seductive innocence, look no further. This secretive enclave, tucked in between cosmopolitan Montenegro to the north, and languishing Greece to the south, has 224 miles of coastline and plenty of sights to merit a 8 day self-drive Albania tour. Your …

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