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How To Legally Avoid Bankruptcy When You Visit Sydney

sydney-opera-house lit up by lasers

Top tips to visit Sydney for less Today‚Äôs Cities for Less feature comes from Nicole is who taking us on a trip Down Under. Now I have to confess, it has been some time since I went to Australia. Every time I get the urge to book a flight, I look at the cost of accommodation, the pitiful exchange rate …

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How to Save Money in Brisbane like a local

Save money in Brisbane

The thing I love about this feature is the ability to see a city through the lens of another and this week we find out how to save money in Brisbane with Kerri from down under. Whilst I’ve been to many of the cities featured in Cities for Less you can’t beat getting the gritty detail from someone who lives …

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Save Money Down Under With A Tight Yorkshireman

save money down under

Introducing the tight Yorkshireman Say hello to my dad! When I happened to mention to him that I had set up a travel blog and was writing about ways to save money travelling, he got all excited as he fancies himself an expert on the subject. To be fair, he probably is, after all he is not renowned for being …

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