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Dive Into a Spectacular Antalya Rafting Adventure

white water rafting in Antalya 1

A Wet ‘n’ Wild introduction to Antalya rafting We have barely had time to wet our feet when we are being urged to paddle fast into a churning cauldron of foaming white water. Waves crash over the bow of the boat, screams of joy (and possibly a little terror) ring around us as our plastic raft gets thrown around like a …

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An Exciting Afternoon of Haggling in the Old Town of Antalya

Hadrians Gate Old town Antalya

‘Ah beautiful, where you from?’ Flattered, my step-daughter politely replies that she is from England. ‘Ah, that’s funny, I thought you were from heaven’ her suitor continues as her dad and I burst into peels of laughter. Undeterred he continues, intent on inviting her out for an evening of dancing and before you know it, the shortest courtship ever turns …

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Discovering The Stunning Mountain Ruins Of Termessos

Incredible views of Antalya from Termessos

Enjoy a once in a lifetime moment in Termessos Just 50 minutes from Konyaalti Beach or around 30-40 minutes from Antalya, Termessos is a fascinating window into a different world, a glimpse into a bygone era. Famous for resisting Alexander the Great in 333BC, the city was subsequently recognised as independent by the Roman Senate, and thus able to make …

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Enjoy A Turkish Delight At The Melda Palace In Konyaalti Beach

Melda Palace gardens

Welcome to the Melda Palace For anyone seeking a family, beach break within reach of Turkey’s second largest city, then the Melda Palace offers a great option in a quiet, residential area of Konyaalti beach to the West of Antalya. Melda Palace facilities It’s a beautiful complex with buildings styled in the theme of boats and the cream and blue …

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Enjoy A Wet And Wild Exciting Day Out Near Antalya

Wading through Goynuk Canyon

We drive inland from the Kemer – Antalya road up a dusty, rough-hewn track towards the foothills of the mountains where we lumber to a stop at a dead end. There’s no other cars around and the only sign of life are a few people gossiping in the shade of a huge gate draped with a supersize Eco-Fun Adventure Park …

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