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Five Reasons To Visit Mindoro If You Are In The Philippines

Sunset on White Beach, Mindoro

Have you heard of Mindoro? Most travellers in the Philippines head straight from Manila to the pristine beaches of Boracay, Cebu or Palawan. Many overlook the lesser known isles in favour of the wild nightlife and dramatic scenery of islands firmly on the travel path. Here are five reasons you should consider Mindoro if you are short on time in the …

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How to save money on a breathtaking trip to Taal Volcano

The Taal Volcano crater

My knees are practically touching my chin, my hip bone wedged into the side of metal bars and my spine jarring with every movement. No this isn’t some bizarre torture, I’m voluntarily ensconced in a tricycle on the way to Taal Volcano. If you are now thinking three wheelers with pink handle bars and glittery decorations, think again. In the …

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Six Things You Need To Know Before Stepping Foot In The Philippines

beautiful beach in Mindoro

The Philippines has an abundance of natural beauty. From pristine white beaches to emerald lagoons, bubbling volcanoes to mist covered mountains, it is a nature lover’s paradise. However, travelling around the archipelago can be challenging and given I have travelled to over 80 countries, I do not say this lightly. There are some important factors to consider if you are …

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Ten Awesome Things To Do In The Philippines With Little Time

Views of the gorgeous island of Bantayan

Looking for awesome things to do in the Philippines? We’ve got you covered with this mouthwatering list! I’m heading to the Philippines later this year but have only got two weeks in which to get a feel for the country. I don’t want to spend every minute travelling but I do want to experience the diversity of the country. With …

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