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Enjoy A Wet And Wild Exciting Day Out Near Antalya

Wading through Goynuk Canyon

We drive inland from the Kemer – Antalya road up a dusty, rough-hewn track towards the foothills of the mountains where we lumber to a stop at a dead end. There’s no other cars around and the only sign of life are a few people gossiping in the shade of a huge gate draped with a supersize Eco-Fun Adventure Park …

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Confronted by death and evil at the Killing Fields

The skulls of the dead in the Killing Fields

More than a million people are estimated to have died in the Killing Fields Studying Indochina Studying Indochina politics as a teenager, learning of the damages suffered by this mysterious, far away country, I could only imagine the horrors inflicted on the elderly, educated, women and children. More than 1.7 million died at the hands of Khmer Rouge yet all …

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Four Awesome things to do in Sri Lanka for FREE

Four free things to do in Sri Lanka

Why spectacular Sri Lanka? There are few locations in the world that can boast the exotic charms of Sri Lanka. Famed through the ages for its diverse natural beauty and unique fauna, the island nation was popular in previous centuries with both European and Middle Eastern traders who flocked to its shores in search of rare spices, precious gemstones, and …

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Be Seduced by Mumbai on a Weekend Visit

Seduced by Mumbai at sunset

Most UK holidaymakers visiting India either head directly to the sun-kissed beaches of Goa or to Delhi and the Golden Triangle. Few think to stop in Mumbai and check out the home of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and the heady heights of Bollywood royalty. Who can blame them? First impressions are not good. It is noisy, smelly, smoggy and rampant with begging …

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