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How To Visit Seoul Without Needing An Overdraft For The First Time

Seoul for less tips

With the Winter Olympics just a few weeks away, hoards of fans will soon be flying into the South Korean capital of Seoul. This is not a value destination, but there are ways to save money on your visit to Seoul. So, here’s my top tips for your trip, that I have updated especially for Winter Olympics visitors. Flights Travelling can be …

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Should You Consider Skiing In Korea For Your Next Winter Holiday?

Skiing in Alpensia

Skiing in Korea anyone? When you think of your next ski holiday destination, Korea may not automatically spring to mind. However as the host for the 2018 Winter Olympics, perhaps you are missing a trick. What better way to combine some adrenaline-inducing activity with some cultural immersion or spectator sports at the Olympics? Getting there We used AVIOS to book Club …

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Are You Getting Excited For The 2018 Winter Olympics?

The 2018 Winter Olympics mascots

The excitement builds With just four weeks to go until the 2018 Winter Olympics, is anyone else getting excited? Are you already planning your TV itinerary, or even better some flights? If so, you need to read this updated post sharing our experiences in South Korea. Alpensia Ski Jump Gazing up at the towering Alpensia Ski Jump, I can hear …

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Discover The Pros and Cons of An Ayurveda Retreat

Flowers at a yoga retreat in India

‘Have you had a poo today?‘ the beautiful, nymph like Ayurvedic doctor innocently asks, peering intently at me across the monolithic desk in her consulting room. I almost choke on the water I am sipping, as I splutter a horrified response. It’s not considered polite conversation to discuss bodily functions over breakfast after all! I half expect Gillian McKeith to …

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Would You Dare To Visit The Scariest Place On Earth?

Unity messages at the DMZ

Visiting the scariest place on Earth Bill Clinton described the DMZ as the ‘scariest place on earth.’ With a reputation like that, and with Kim Jong Un firing missiles towards Japan just days before our arrival, how could I possibly resist? A visit to Seoul would simply be incomplete without a visit to the Demilitarized Zone, a 4km wide, 240km …

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