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Dedicated to sharing tips and stories showing you how clever use of credit cards can help you substantially boost your AVIOS balance.

Which Airmiles Credit Card Is The Best In The UK?

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Which is the best airmiles credit card in the UK? UPDATED: The secret to huge airline rewards in your chosen frequent flyer program is not flying. It definitely helps, but for most of us, circumnavigating the globe on a regular basis is not an option and hence you could be forgiven for thinking that there is no point joining a …

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Bag Up To Three FREE Hotel Nights With SPG American Express

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SPG American Express card I recently applied for the SPG American Express Card. I was between airline reward credit card cycles and seeking a quick win. One of my readers has been hounding me for some time about the benefits of Starwood in the UK, a reward scheme I’ve largely ignored due to perceived limited property choice. They’ve now merged with …

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Who Wins In The Battle Of The Pre-paid Travel Cards?

Credit card insurance offers protection

Supercard or Curve? If you have been overseas recently you have had to exchange currency, whether it be electronically or in person at a store. The charges and exchange rates for your travel money can often be eye watering but there’s a new breed of cards in town. They are attempting to shake up the industry and allow you to get …

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Is The Supercard Really The Best Way To Pay Overseas?

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Introducing the new Supercard The Supercard is a relatively new addition to Travelex’s variety of currency exchange options and possibly might be the best way to save money on overseas transactions. It links to your existing credit and debit cards, charging items paid for using the Supercard to your linked card, and most importantly it’s free to get your mitts …

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The Best Way To Save Money On Your Currency Exchange

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How to get the best deal on currency exchange Spending overseas can be a painful affair once the banks apply their exchange rate and banking charges. If you are using debit cards, it is not uncommon for a fixed fee to apply plus a percentage charge which soon adds up. You can of course use money exchange facilities but this also …

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